Running late already……..

So, I’m sitting here questioning my commitment to this blog already – and it’s only week two!

The reason being I’m basically running late. I was planning to work on this over the weekend and have it all published, ready to go this morning. But here I am 8.45pm Monday 17th June and only just sitting down to start.

There’s a long running precedent for lateness in my life – I was born three weeks late, and upside down (as it happens). I always say I’ve been about face and trying to catch up ever since.

Maybe that’s why I like running so much – perhaps at some point I will finally catch up. Or at least I do get to have the sensation of crossing a finish line.

I guess many of us are like that, madly trying to get things done in order to cross some imaginary finish line that we have in our head. As if once we achieve that, things will be sorted, we can relax, get off the treadmill.

But it is all really only ever temporary isn’t it. Because there’s always something else demanding attention, some other finish line waiting in the distance. Or quite often multiple finish lines for races we sometimes didn’t even know we’d signed up for – but life throws them up and you find yourself on the start line, wondering how the hell did I get here?!

I actually haven’t done much running this week. My sole donning of trainers was earlier today at the gym – a 40 minute speed rep session, where you alternate working hard with a slow recovery jog.

I’m not sure if the lack of consistent training, or the 32 mile Dartmoor ultra I did two weeks ago was responsible, but I only managed to complete two thirds of the session I had planned.

And there are echoes now my blog. It seems only part way through when I’d planned to say so much more.

But, somehow by cutting things short at the gym, I didn’t get over tired and I’m looking forward to returning.

I feel the same about this week’s post – that if I stop now I’ll be ready to come back with renewed energy and fresh input for next Monday.

And hopefully if you’ve read this far, you will too.

Thanks for starting out and staying with me.


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