The loneliness of the long distance blogger….

Week five and I realise it’s a fairly quiet road I’m travelling on this blog.

I know I have a few stalwart readers who’ve stayed with me from week one – friends old and new, and some of my family. Thank you guys for being there, my unseen support team.

A few of those who saw me off, I think, have fallen by the wayside, and it’s led me to question why keep going? What’s the point in writing this and who is it for?

But you could say that about many things in life – what inspires any of us to carry out a particular action?

Certainly, comparing it to running, much of my training is alone. The smaller events attract only a handful of spectators and as a back of the pack runner I often have quite a bit of tarmac to myself. And yet it doesn’t bother me, I plod on unobserved, the long-distance runner – alone on my road, but not lonely.

There’s the other extreme, certainly in the big marathons – London, New York, Paris – where you’re surrounded by masses of people travelling the same route at the same time, and thousands of spectators observing, witnessing your journey. Like a viral blog, even if you don’t participate, you’ve probably heard of it.

So why keep going in the small events, where there’s no crowd, no excited band of spectators cheering us on?

It’s what we all do every day. Actions that are unobserved, un-spectated upon – good, bad, indifferent, enjoyable or boring – but our own choice to do them.

Like running, it’s my choice to sit here and write. Where the open road gives me freedom and space, so too does this keyboard. Instead of the next step, it’s the next word, but still my own challenge to myself.

We all write our own story, with words that may or may not be seen by others. We are both the participant and primary spectator in our own life – the blogger and the most ardent reader.

So I guess the answer to my question is that I’m writing this for me. I’m happy to have spectators on the route, to share this journey. If I lose or gain some on the way, I will still keep my destination in sight.

If you are one of my unseen support team and you’ve stayed with me this far. Thank you. I appreciate you being there – in a long-term blog, like long-distance running, I may be alone, but it’s nice not to be lonely.

A final catch up about training during the past week – 25 miles completed in four runs – hopefully getting back on target for marathon 26 in a few weeks time.


4 thoughts on “The loneliness of the long distance blogger….

  1. Rosemary Bishop

    Inspired writing, very much food for thought, keep going we are with you on your journey. RB x


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