Apologies if I’m boring you!

I’ve encountered my first heckler.

They’re everywhere in life. Those people who question or taunt something you’re doing, give you negative, unasked for, feedback.

You get them when you’re running. They might call out, mockingly: “What’s up, did you miss the bus?” Or sometimes they run alongside, seeing how long they can out pace you.

Hilarious! Well, I assume THEY must get some satisfaction or amusement from it – why do it otherwise?

In events it’s the other way, people are generally encouraging, warm-hearted, urging you on, or mostly happy to let the “mad” runner go past without a second glance.

Responses to my blog have been like that, positive, friendly, kind words, or largely no comment.

Then this week, from one online posting: “Better to let the whole world think you are boring, than to write a blog and prove them 100% right.”

Hmmm, ouch!

I’m not sure if it was a direct comment on my writing or blogging in general. But, it got me thinking.

Imagine a world without personal written testimony – no Samuel Pepys or Anne Frank diaries, no gospels, thousands of songs un-penned, biographies un-written, a dearth of amusing individual anecdotes, no brave voices standing up against tyranny and evil around the world, past and present.

We’re not all Shakespeare or Dickens, Einstein or Paula Radcliffe. You’re very fortunate if you truly excel at something – I mean, if you really are the best.

So that leaves the rest of the field, the also-rans like me. I’ve never entered a marathon or a race yet with the expectation of even coming in the top half, let alone reaching the winners’ podium, but I enjoy taking part, sharing my joy of running with those who are like minded.

I love writing. Hence the blog. Sharing my enjoyment of words, with whoever chooses to read them. And as in running, if my experiences benefit someone else, so much the better.

It’s been hugely rewarding to hear that some things I’ve written have already helped other people. I’m glad.

I know there was interest in the EMDR therapy that I mentioned last week. It’s proving quite difficult – one particular demon I’m trying to shift isn’t going without a fight. And, like moving furniture around, the therapy itself is stirring up a lot of dust. It’s confusing to me, but hopefully things will become clearer in the coming weeks. And once the dust has settled I may be able to explain more.

Running is still my escape – losing myself in the rhythm, the fresh air and the scenery. I clocked up 27 training miles this week, including 13 along the glorious East Devon coast.

As for the “boring” heckle. Tell me about it! Crikey, I bore myself to tears sometimes with all the nonsense that goes round in my head.

I only write some of it down. And if even that much is TOO boring – well, no one is making you read it, but thanks if you are :).


9 thoughts on “Apologies if I’m boring you!

  1. alzheimersbrace

    Some of us regard you as an inspiration, Jo, and it is difficult to be inspirational and boring at the same time. What you are doing represents a huge effort on behalf of a great cause, but it’s also a very personal story that others could find helpful and motivational. Best wishes from everyone at BRACE.

    1. Jo Earlam Post author

      Thanks BRACE for those kind words. I had some lovely positive feedback on my facebook page too. I guess there will always be detractors, but it’s good to know they’re in the minority.

  2. whatrhymeswithsarah

    Bah, who cares if you are boring? (You’re not, by the way…) You’re not forcing anyone to read. Some people really don’t have anything better to do than heckle others. Now THAT’S boring.

  3. Jo-junior

    I agree with that first comment!! Whoever has time to go around reading “boring” blogs and then boringly commenting on them being boring, clearly has too much time on their hands! I am personally finding your blogs very enjoyable to read, some are thought-provoking, one was very touching, others are quite funny – either way, I look forward to each new chapter 😀

      1. Rosemary Bishop

        have enjoyed the blog & the comments, think jo jnr. said it all for me aswell, keep on going you are doing great. RB.

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