Reflections on Idleness

Photo0084For someone who’s usually quite active, I’ve been doing a lot of sitting around this week.

It all started when I met up with a very good long time friend, who I hadn’t seen in ages. Instead of going for a walk as planned we sat on the beach and whiled away the time chatting, eating ice cream, and watching holidaymakers catch crabs out of rock pools.

It was a spot I’ve walked through several times, but never stopped to linger or discover more about. It was good to laze and admire the scenery for a change, instead of passing through.

Walking the dogs by the river I’ve also been idling. The dogs like to go in for a cooling dip when it’s hot, and it’s a perfect spot to lie in the sun, watch the fish jumping and the dragonflies skimming over the water.

One of my inactive afternoons was rather forced on me. My car broke down on the exit slip to a dual carriageway. There was no choice but to sit on the grass verge and wait for the man from the RAC. It was a gorgeous day, clear blue skies and hot sunshine. Not the best spot for an impromptu rest, as holiday traffic and 40 tonne lorries hurtled past – but even here nature was abundant, wild flowers in bloom and the chirp of crickets above the engine noise.

Martin, the nice RAC man, couldn’t fix my car, but he did tow me home, complete with dogs and a full supermarket load of shopping.

Yesterday, it being a sunny bank holiday, I decided to laze in the garden instead of writing my blog. I shortly became aware of something rustling in the undergrowth the other side of the fence. It was a racing pigeon, hungry, exhausted and rather lost.

I gave him some bird seed and water and eventually he made it to our roof, where he stayed for ages trying to recharge his batteries and get his bearings. He was still about this morning and doesn’t yet seem able to fly far.

As for running – I had the whole weekend off from that, making dinner for friends instead and enjoying convivial chat rather than pounding the pavement.

I did notch up 20 miles earlier in the week, so I haven’t been a complete couch potato. But it’s been good to spend some time just chilling out a bit more and having a different take on life.

It’s strange how you can pass by a place many times and not know exactly what’s there. You can find something rewarding even in the most unwelcome of locations. When you’re in need it’s such a relief to be able to call for help. You can do your best to assist others, but you can’t always make everything right for them. Spending time with friends is always good for the soul.

PS: With apologies for taking the Bank Holiday Monday off!


3 thoughts on “Reflections on Idleness

  1. Rosemary Bishop

    I’m sure you have’nt been Idle if you have then it was a very interesting Idle, again a very good blog, shall await
    next weeks. RB.


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