Written in haste!

Oh dear, the rot has set in already.

Last week I took Bank Holiday Monday off, and this week I’m here at nearly 11pm hastily writing, something!

I had some great ideas – which OCD like I’ve been mulling over all week – how my interest in long distance running was sparked by a teenage crush on one of my A-level tutors, himself a seasoned marathon runner (of course, otherwise I might be a golfer now instead!); how running means I can basically eat loads of cake, bread, chocolate and other goodies and not put back on the 40 or so pounds I once lost (that is a HUGE bonus I have to say); how running focusses my mind and stops me being side-tracked by other things.

Erm, yes, which is why I’m madly writing this the night before heading off to run four marathons in four days. As you do.

And which is also why I’ve only basically just finished packing – four sets of running kit, plus the essentials: Vaseline, Deep Heat, minted foot spray, my favourite EVER cosy socks, flapjack and chocolate (which goes without saying).

I was planning to pack earlier, write this earlier, get everything sorted earlier, but the story of my life has always been pushing the deadline up to the last minute. The first 10km race I ever organised I was still marking out the course at 9am as runners were arriving to register. I am inevitably a person who is completely DIS-organised.

Which is partly why, as I said before, long distance running is so intoxicating and compelling. You basically have one route to follow, that lies ahead, one task, one goal, one box to tick.

I got side-tracked today ticking boxes: emails I should have replied to or sent ages ago, letters to be posted or delivered I had ready days ago, last-minute shopping I didn’t need to get and last-minute cleaning that could have waited. Also, on the plus side, friends popping up, welcome and delightful but unexpected.

So now you see why I’m writing in haste. And apologies, if this is all a bit random. My only defence is it being post-11pm on a Monday night, with an early train to catch tomorrow and then four marathons to run, Thursday through to Sunday.

4 x 26.2 miles in 4 days.

At least that should help me focus – so next week I’ll get back on track, or maybe aim to at least :).


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