My modern message in a bottle….


This week I’m putting the flags out – because exciting news, well marginally exciting, I’ve exceeded more than a thousand visits to my blog.

It’s probably a bit early to break out the champagne, and wait for the publishing agents to call: it’s not a thousand separate readers but mainly a stalwart band of supporters who are regular followers. And for which, I thank you!

The neat little stats device on wordpress tells me that most people reading my blog come from the UK, but amazingly it’s also been accessed by internet users in all of the above countries.

I’ve been amazed to discover the breadth and spread of where my words have reached.

*For the record, the flags are: United Kingdom, USA, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Argentina, Singapore, Luxembourg, Ireland, Israel, Greece, New Zealand, Canada, Iceland, Sweden, South Korea, Jersey and the United Arab Emirates.

It’s strange and quite humbling, to sit here in rural Devon, writing the lot of nonsense that comes into your head, pressing a button on the computer and then discover that someone on the other side of the world has read it.

A modern day version of writing a message in a bottle and casting it into the sea.

I find it hard to know what to make of it. How do you connect with someone you’ve never met, from a country you know little about, who speaks a language you don’t understand, but who has still shown an interest, albeit a tiny one, in YOU?

It somehow makes the world seem both vast and close to hand all at once.

My own world this last week has been about getting back to normal after the four marathon-marathon. Running wise, I managed only a feeble three miles, but am already on five for this week and it’s only Monday. Also, I’ve registered for my 14th and intended final marathon of 2013 – Maidstone, in November. To come before then: Bournemouth on October 6th and Palma, Mallorca, two weeks later.

And finally, a plug, for a charity fundraising event this coming Saturday, September 21st. It’s at Crealy Adventure Park, near Exeter, from 7pm, with music including Mama Stones House Band. Tickets £10. The evening is being organised by Hazel Jones for Exeter based Hospiscare, as a thank you for the care they gave her late husband Kevin in the final days of his battle with prostate cancer.

I know Hazel from the village, but didn’t realise until she emailed this week that she’s a regular reader of my blog.

Funny to think these words are being read by someone half a mile away and others half a world away.

Wherever you’re reading this, thanks.


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