Three Christmas Cheers

I’m sure like me you’re busy, busy, busy – so this week three short Christmas cheers.

Hip hip number 1: The follow up to last week’s post about my Dad and the jigsaw, is that the second time we did the puzzle together, when Dad completed it, he put in vroom vroom sound effects to match the pictures, of a car, a digger and a tractor.

He was always making jokes when he was well, but rarely finds things funny these days. He started to laugh, so did I, and then we both ended up having a huge fit of the giggles. It was a priceless, connecting moment. A kid’s toy that gave me back my Dad for a brief time.

Hip hip number 2: I started as a volunteer at a primary school this year, listening to seven and eight-year-old children read. Some of them have been less than keen to sit and pore over words they find difficult – and sometimes they’ve told me so in the plain speaking but amusing way, that only children can. But we’ve persevered together and it’s been really rewarding to see them make progress.

Then this week, I got called into class and they presented me with a huge card, with Christmas drawings and lovely heart-warming messages from all of them. I was really touched.

Time for turkey and pud - Christmas trees have to eat too!

Time for turkey and pud – Christmas trees have to eat too!

Hip hip number 3: Yay! I completed marathon number 35 at Portsmouth on Sunday 22nd. It was my 15th marathon this year and my 25th running for the dementia research charity BRACE – so yes I donned my silver Christmas tree outfit specially for the occasion.

The atmosphere was brilliant with lots of people in fancy dress. I got loads of support from the spectators and other runners, with lots of shouts of: “Go, Christmas Tree!” I finished tired, but happy in just under five hours.

And finally, HOORAY – I think for once in my life I’m actually organised in time for the big day on Wednesday. Mum and Dad are coming and some friends. Hoping it will be a special day.

Hope your Christmas will be too – have a merry time and thanks so much for all the support this year.

Jo x


2 thoughts on “Three Christmas Cheers

  1. Julie.

    How great to have had dad back for a short time. It gives you a good memory for whatever happens in the future. It always amazes me that people with this horrid disease can have moments of such intense lucidity. Treasure the moment and a Happy New Year and love to all, especially John and your parents.. Julie.


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