Brain drain……

This week I have brain drain – you know that feeling when all intelligent thinking seems to have been sucked down a mental plug hole and you’re left with just the dregs.

I can just about summon enough grey cells to identify the dregs as a series of bullet points, thus:

*I ran marathon 36 yesterday, a hilly, stony, off-road course with repetitive loops along a ridge path in the New Forest. The wind wasn’t so much a head wind, but one that came at you from all angles. It was a constant buffeting – being blown about that is, not 26 miles of feasting on vol-au-vents.

*I spent most of the run with the Human League track “The Things That Dreams Are Made Of” playing on a repetitive loop in my head. That’s at the same time as having a conversation with myself, to the effect that running a marathon in a cold howling gale, was really not my dream desire.

*Running a marathon saps as much mental energy as physical, hence today’s aching limbs and absence of cognitive ability. Or was that just an overdose of Human League?

*Marathon 36 has coincidentally – I just realised – coincided with my 36th post on this blog. A useless piece of information, if ever there was.

*My blog’s now been read by internet users in 55 countries, chalking up more than 2,500 views. Welcome to new readers, including from the Philippines, Egypt, Kenya, Bolivia and Brazil. And apologies, I hope it’s not always this bad!

*When the temperature warning light shines on the dashboard of your car, check the manual to make sure you fill the right compartment with water.

*Oil and water – especially in a car engine – is not a good mix. Whoops, sorry Mr RAC.

*When writing bullet points with very little powder in your gun, quit whilst you’re ahead.


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