Not quite the Oscars……

Roll out the red carpet, crack open the champagne, round of applause please – I’ve “won” an award.

True, it’s not quite an Oscar, or even close to it. But pleasing all the same to be noticed.

My nomination is from fellow wordpress blogger Jill, who writes under the title “Ripples of Truth”.

Jill’s chosen me, among nine others, to receive a Liebster Blog Award. It’s basically a sort of internal pat on the back amongst the blogging community to acknowledge writing you like. She explains it better than I can or ever will, in her piece about her own nomination at

I feel I should partake a little more in the spirit of the “award”, by answering the required long list of questions myself and nominating other bloggers – but I’ve been writing so much lately, I don’t have the mental capacity to think about penning something specifically for this as well.

It seems kind of ironic that I since I gave up paid employment as a writer/journalist, I still seem to spend a large part of my week on the computer writing – whether it be here on this blog, other projects I’m working on, community activities I’m involved with, emails to friends and family, or just dipping my ink pen generally into the vast online black hole.

So my acceptance speech is short and to the point, but no less well meant for it: “Thank you Jill. I really appreciate you choosing my blog for a Liebster award. It’s strange pressing the publish button every week and sending your words off into the ether wondering who’ll read them, how will they be received?

“It’s great that bloggers have this sort of support network and recognition for each other. I wish you good luck with your own writing. May we meet on a real red carpet and quaff champagne together one day. It would be fun, wouldn’t it!”


2 thoughts on “Not quite the Oscars……

  1. Rosemary Bishop

    I’m pleased this is ‘not quite the oscars’ your blogs are about real life as it happens warts & all!you do deserve a medal but it won’t happen like the oscars, yours will come when you least expect it, with everyone’s love for all you do day after day not thinking of yourself, for always saying ‘Yes that will be fine’.Love RBx


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