Blog by a dog…..

No not Bella, me – Jo –  again this time.

But I am seriously considering giving over this weekly posting to my aging but canny Labrador collie cross.

Her “Yelp for Help” to Sainsbury’s last week has so far been read by over 200 people in 19 countries. It had more than 120 hits on the first day. All of that outstrips my efforts by miles.

And get this, after she worked out how to use facebook, she got a reply from Sainsbury’s the same day:

“Dear Bella,

Thanks for letting us know about your blog post.

Though slightly disappointed to learn that you’ve not been sharing the treats and fibbing to Archie, I’m glad you enjoyed them. I’ll let our Buyers know about your suggestion for a doggy version, maybe this will allow Jo to enjoy her swirls as well. I can’t promise anything Bella but we’ll try our hardest.

So that you, Archie and Jo can have a treat I’ve sent out a letter with some gift cards for you. Hopefully Jo will be able to get you all of our some treats next time she’s in store.

Yours sincerely

Customer Manager | Social Media Team”

What a great letter! Thank you Sainsbury’s.

And as my blog is all for the BRACE dementia research charity, I’m going to pass Bella’s £5 worth of good fortune on to the fundraising pot.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – but it just goes to prove how wrong they are!

WOOF! WOOF! Excuse me! Old dog?! New Tricks?!

20140315_165248This is Bella taking over. I’ll have you know I planned the whole thing. Frankly, this blog needed a bit of spark put into it. All that heart on your sleeve stuff. It’s all right for some, but at my time of life, I prefer to read something with a bit of humour in it. I want to enjoy myself……….

…….and believe me, I did enjoy nicking all those snacks. So irresistible. So yummy. And now Sainsbury’s have provided me with even more tasty morsels from their own doggy selection. Result! Who says crime doesn’t pay, wink, wink, pant, pant!!

As for old dog, new tricks. Listen, at the ripe old age of 84 in human terms, I know every trick in the book.

And I might pop up here from time to time, just to keep the old girl on her toes.

You know what they say – every dog has it’s day. And to be honest, we are both a bit barking!

Wet slobbery kisses,

Bella x


2 thoughts on “Blog by a dog…..

  1. Rosemary Bishop

    Must say Bella is making a good job of blog writing!!! very amusing just what I needed to start the day off with a smile. RBx


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