When in Rome……

Wow! What a landmark.

Wow! What a landmark.

Rome's best Italian ice-cream shop Giolitti was next to our hotel. How's that for location, location!

Rome’s best Italian ice-cream shop Giolitti was next to our hotel. How’s that for location, location!

Well it had to be done didn’t it – eating pasta, drinking cappuccino, devouring delicious ice cream, enjoying the odd glass of merlot………and there was something else, oh yes……..running a marathon.

It was the Italian capital’s 20th staging of the event and – despite having to re route the course because of building work and the occasional downpour – it was a terrific day, and a memorable and enjoyable race.

I’m really pleased to have ticked off marathon number 37 and to have achieved it in a time of 4:30. I set out at a fairly steady pace, stopping for a picture outside St Peter’s  – how could I not?

I reached the halfway point in 2:22, then put a bit of a spurt on to complete the second half in under 10 minute miles.

I finished within the top two-thirds of the 19,000 strong field, and about halfway among the ladies. But it’s really not about where you finish, or how fast you go, it’s the taking part that matters.

After the marathon we went and ate pasta – again! – and bumped into a couple from New Jersey. We had a fine time swapping stories of this, and other events, and times were never discussed. It was just the enjoyment of shared experience.

We only had the one bottle ;-)

We only had the one bottle 😉

Number 37 ticked off :-)

Number 37 ticked off 🙂

In two weeks time I’ll be doing it all again – this time much closer to home, in the Somerset county town of Taunton.

It may be some distance from Italian soil, but I expect pasta, cappuccino, ice-cream and merlot will be on the pre-race menu again. All this marathon preparation – it’s a hard life ;-)!

Oh, one final thing – great goody bag from Rome. A sturdy little rucksack and a packet of spaghetti.

Maybe Taunton will have a drop of Somerset scrumpy…….you know what they say, when in Zummerzet……..


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