How green is my valley?

I’ve been reflecting this week – as I do often, but especially in this lovely spring sunshine – how lucky I am to live where I do……….

valley 2

It was kind of pressed home to me by an appeal from a charity I’ve supported for 25 years – ActionAid.

They sent a picture of 10-year-old Margaret who lives on a rubbish dump in Kenya, and helps her family make a living by foraging for scrap metal and plastic there…….


Through the She-Can appeal the UK government will double all donations to help girls like Margaret.

I don’t respond to all their appeals – you can’t all the time. But this one I did. The contrast in our environments was too stark. The thought of getting some extra dosh out of politicians too enticing.

A short blog this week – but sometimes pictures speak louder than words.

And of course, every picture tells its own story – my story is how lucky I am to live where I do………

valley 3






A Happy Easter to all.

PS: In reply to this week’s wordpress writing challenge, What’s your Great Expectation? My Great Expectation is that the rubbish will be collected every week. Margaret’s Great Expectation is that the rubbish will be worth collecting.


5 thoughts on “How green is my valley?

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