Magic Moments

Which memory in life most matters to you?

In what is dementia awareness week, the Alzheimer’s research charity BRACE is asking people to record a memory that’s important to them.

I had a long hard think. How to choose? Something recent. Something from childhood. Something amusing. Something poignant. Which one of my memories best says who I am? Which one would best help raise awareness?

It was a multiple choice question with a multitude of different possible answers.

Then a few days ago I set off for a run on what was a glorious spring morning, full of sunshine and clear blue skies.

Part of the route was across open heathland, a rolling common of gorse, ferns and heather, bordered by woodland. The bluebells were at their best, a dense carpet of colour, broken only by a few narrow winding paths.

As I jogged along lost in thought and enjoying this tranquil unspoilt scene, a herd of wild ponies appeared, walking in single file – bays and chestnuts, a single grey. I stopped to watch as they made their way, silent and unconcerned, tails swishing, in the dappled sunlight.

There wasn’t another soul around to witness their gentle progress – nature in its raw untamed beauty.

It cost me nothing, yet was priceless.

Unexpected. Enchanting.

The magic moments in life are the memories I treasure most.



2 thoughts on “Magic Moments

  1. Rosemary Bishop

    Another superb bit of writing, I as I read it was walking with you, enjoying every moment, so a magic moment for me, well done.RB X


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