Searching for inspiration……..

I’ve been sitting here staring at a blank screen for a while now.

What to write?

Should I talk about my still bruised toe and how the nail is turning a deep shade of purple? Perhaps even take a picture? Maybe not.

What about trying to overcome a cough and cold that seems to have sent my energy levels plummeting? Not very thrilling – that.

How about, that I finally made it to the gym today after two whole weeks of doing no exercise. “My 50 Minutes on the Treadmill” by Jo Earlam. Doesn’t really sound like an internet sensation, does it?

I was intending to write about a dementia research project I took part in last week, where I had to play the role of someone trying to be convincing as suffering from dementia. It was very odd trying not to understand or remember, when your life is generally spent doing the opposite.

But writing about dementia isn’t easy when it’s so close to home. My dad is getting gradually worse, and my mum is struggling gamely on.

I did a radio interview last week as well. That was good! I’m not claiming I was a particularly scintillating guest, but it was good to get a plug on air for BRACE.

I also got a plug in for a 10km and fun run I’m organising that takes place this Saturday, and for which I should really now be doing some more preparation.

I hope I find some inspiration soon. Apart from anything else I’ve been sitting on this chair so long, I’m getting a sore bum.

But then, why do I need to be inspiring? This is just me doodling online basically – a droplet in an ocean of words.

And that’s 300 already – as one of my old editor’s used to say: “Never mind the quality, feel the width.”

Or basically, damn it – just press send and go!



One thought on “Searching for inspiration……..

  1. Rosemary Bishop

    Your search for inspiration to find something to write about, made me smile so that was a good achievement, and it also made me wonder if my car will be fixed by Saturday when you need my help! RB X


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