Running on empty

I feel I’m having a runner’s lull at the moment.

Possibly organising a 10km involving more than 300 people, whilst trying to maintain training and tick off another marathon is one explanation.

It could also be that I’m not recovered from Hadrian’s Wall – 69 miles in two days, a total of 16 hours, 38 minutes on my feet. It was TOTALLY exhausting.

Or maybe it’s just that having recently passed my 49th birthday, I’m not as young and fit as I used to be.

Whatever the reason, I’m finding it hard to motivate myself to train, or look ahead to the next marathon, let alone the nine I still have to complete.

20140716_154710Thanks, as ever, for all the continued support and good wishes. It really does help me keep going.

And thanks to the club of the runner who caused so much upset last week. They very kindly sent me a bouquet of flowers and a warm-hearted message, restoring my faith in how sporting runners essentially are. Their kindness was much appreciated.

I’ve finally cleared my dining room table of assorted run paraphernalia, and I’m just finishing off the final bits of paperwork.

Nothing to stop me then from donning my trainers and getting back in harness, to churn out 30 miles a week and build up to my next event in eight weeks time.

But really I just fancy a summer with my feet up on a sun lounger…….


2 thoughts on “Running on empty

  1. marylynhofmann

    I’m glad someone had the decency to send you some flowers after the obvious upset. There are kind hearted people out there after all and one bad apple shouldn’t spoil the barrel. Keep slogging away there is only 9 left ;D

  2. Rosemary Bishop

    Good to read the club backed you and a lovely bouquet of flowers as well. Still you really did not need that aggravation. RB x


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