Happy! Happy Birthday!

We recorded a big birthday in the Earlam household this weekend – hubby John’s 70th.

As is often the way of these things, I was a bit panicky beforehand. Lots of last minute planning – let’s have everyone over to ours for drinks on Sunday. Changes of last minute planning – let’s have everyone over to ours on Saturday instead.

Guests coming to stay, so getting the house organised. Where did those cobwebs come from? When did the garden turn into such a jungle? Thank goodness it’s sunny so I can dry all the washing.

The day before John’s birthday I’d even overlooked to order, let alone consider making, a cake. In my defence, he seriously never – well hardly, hardly ever – eats cake.

Less than three hours before people were due to arrive on Saturday afternoon. Are the beds made? Tick! Is the house clean? Tick! Have the last minute bought bedding plants been re-potted hastily into tubs? Tick! Is there any food in the house? Tic………Um, no!

You have never seen three people rush around Sainsbury’s and pack so much in one trolley so fast.

Quick text to John – we’re on the way home! Quick text back – no one here yet!

Quick unload of the car. Quick fill up of the fridge. Time for a quick cup of tea. And breathe.

20140726_183939You know what, after that, it was all just so relaxed, so enjoyable, such a good atmosphere, such friendly warm-hearted company, our lovely family pitching in to help, that the lack of planning and organisation just melted away like the candles on the cake.

Yes, we even had cake too. Well, for the birthday itself we got one from Sainsbury’s which Johnners was perfectly happy with and everyone agreed was very good.

The icing, was the following day when we had a delicious Sunday roast family lunch in a rather plush seafront hotel.

Then for tea John’s family just wanted boiled eggs and soldiers. As a totally undomesticated, non-culinary hostess who loves boiled eggs and soldiers, who could ask for better guests than that?

But best of all – John was as well, if not better, than he’s been in a long while.

Yes it really was a happy, happy birthday.







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