Lost for words

I’ve been pondering this week’s blog for several days.

It’s like I’ve had writer’s block and been avoiding the computer.

What I want to say is hard to think about, let alone sit down and type.

That’s despite this particular piece of writing, having been on the wall for a long time.

It’s three years now that it’s been scrawled there – metaphorically speaking – ever since my dad was first diagnosed with dementia.

I’ve been avoiding looking at it, contemplating it.

Now it’s come in black and white in a letter through the post from his mental health therapist: “There is little more that I can do. It will be worth considering placement options for the near future, in light of the decline.”

In other words, the time has come to face up to dad having to go into a nursing home.

Ironically, this week’s wordpress writing challenge is about memoirs.

It carries an Oscar Wilde quote at the start: “Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.”

Dad has lost his.

And it’s left me lost for words.






13 thoughts on “Lost for words

  1. celticmama36

    I am so very sorry to hear this. {{{Hugs}}} My grandma had Alzheimer’s. I understand how hard this walk is for you. It is heartbreaking. You and your daddy are in my prayers.

    1. Jo Earlam Post author

      Thank you. I appreciate that. Alzheimer’s is awful. You have to have known someone closely to understand.

  2. aishasoasis

    Can you write a poem? It can be so mind freeing… it’s so strange, I just wrote a poem today about my dad, he’s not at this point yet, but I was imagining it so I wrote it down… maybe it will help me deal with it when the time actually comes… I hope you will not mind me sharing it, I think you will understand….


    His ship is slowly slipping out of sight
    Obscuring the words in the Captain’s log
    His ship is sailing into heavy fog

    His vision once keen is no longer bright
    His essence draining in the final slog
    His ship is slowly slipping out of sight
    Obscuring the words in the Captain’s log

    His sunlight slowly descends into night
    His head is now nodding in sleepy grog
    His feet are now trapped in a sinking bog
    His ship is slowly slipping out of sight
    Obscuring the words in the Captain’s log
    His ship is sailing into heavy fog

  3. marylynhofmann

    It is hard to think about the times gone past and that they will change for the future, but in some ways it is just a new era that you should all try and embrace. There will be good times, as well as bad times again. Change is not always bad. Chin up.

  4. jgroeber

    The simplicity of this post just took my breath away. Because it is one of the deepest losses and in one way or another so many of us can relate.
    I am sorry for your struggle.

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  7. Ratika Deshpande

    So sorry for your father. I hope you get all the strength of the universe. And very, very beautiful words. Touching.


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