Challenging times

Clarendon Marathon 2014 by #SussexSportPhotographyA late and short update again this week folks.

I completed the Clarendon Way Marathon on Sunday – so that’s marathon 43 ticked off. It was hard work, but on a lovely day and in beautiful scenery. I was delighted to have my running pal Jane (pictured here on the left) along for company.

It made the miles – all 27.7 of them – go much easier. Yes, we took a wrong turning whilst chatting! But to be fair, a car was parked in front of the direction arrow.

I wasn’t on top form with a bad back, then left knee joint playing up, and mental focus was pretty patchy at times too.

It all combined to see us cross the line in a non-record chasing time of six hours, but hey the important thing is we finished.

The few days before and since have been spent dealing with the headache, hurdles and bureaucracy that searching for and trying to place a relative in a care home are fraught with.

My dad is classed as having challenging behaviour, which makes an already difficult process all the more complicated. After many raised hopes and false starts, we seem currently back to square one with nothing resolved. It’s very disappointing. And so hard to see dad becoming ever more needy and requiring of specialist 24 hour nursing care, but not being able to secure it.

I’m grateful for the kindness and concern from family and friends in helping us through this.

And, to have the focus of doing something positive in fundraising for the dementia research charity BRACE, who’s dedicated small team have been a constant support.

I know running marathons will never really become less challenging, but I hope life does.

I pray the challenges my dad faces will get easier too.



4 thoughts on “Challenging times

  1. Rosemary Bishop

    What you do for us (mum & dad)how ever long we lived we could never repay you, as I’ve told you many times I am proud to say I have 3 wonderful children and because you have always lived close, you are the one who has had the lions share,but you are quite remarkable & we love you very much.RB X

  2. gemmamitch

    I’ve just discovered your wonderful site. Found it very moving and inspiring. Don’t forget how much you give to others just through writing this blog. Wishing you all the best.

    1. Jo Earlam Post author

      Thanks so much for your kind words Gemma. Logged in feeling a bit fragile and your comment really cheered me up 🙂


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