Tempus fugit


Where does time go?

One day you’re celebrating new year, the next it’s just three weeks to Christmas – or so it seems!

I’m even writing this blog on a Thursday, three days late……….

Everything is a countdown, a ticking clock…..tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

But who notices the hands going round? I so often don’t. And certainly not where housekeeping is concerned.

My tidying up mode has moved from outside to indoors, where my Miss Havisham-like qualities reared their out of date head more than once.

There were some Christmas cocktail sausage rolls in the freezer (I think they were only last years!) a half-used bottle of mustard and honey marinade, erm, slightly over 12 months out of date……..but both were totally eclipsed by an unassuming jar of ginger in the fridge door.

I knew the little fella had been there – like a sentinel on the shelf for a while. We were on first name terms. Every time I opened the door it was like greeting an old friend, a re-assuring: “Ah, you’re still there in case I ever need you….”

If I’d had to take a guess, I’d have probably estimated it being 18 months, a couple of years that this jar had stood expectant and ready for some culinary delight that didn’t ever make it beyond the pages of a recipe book.

Never, never did I think it had been there longer than three years, four years……..? How can I write this, with no-one reading it – nine years! Well, its sell by date was 9 years ago, November 2005 to be exact, but probably it had been in the fridge long before reaching that expiry, so probably more like ten…….

Ten years! Tempus Flipping Fugit indeed.

I hadn’t even run my first marathon back at the start of 2005, and now I’m on 45, counting down to number 50, with six months to go. That jar of ginger must have seen the triumph and the tears of them all – including latest news from the physio that my returned back pain could be a result of my body “breaking down and not taking enough care of it”.

It’s six weeks tomorrow that my dad went into a nursing home, three years since he was diagnosed with dementia – yet when I bought that jar of ginger he was fully able, fit and active.

I have – honestly, I have – defrosted and cleaned out the fridge dozens of times in the last 10 years, well quite a few anyway. It’s just I kind of overlooked the ginger, it was a like a fixture, that I interacted with on autopilot.

Having finally paid attention to it properly and faced up to its decade long occupancy it was rather sad to see it go – never fully appreciated.

It’s so easy to get side-tracked in life, overlook the large and small, the trivial and important.

So many things have a ticking clock countdown – to best before and then expiry: jars of ginger in the fridge, our own fragile health and well-being, the presence of loved ones in our lives.

Time flies – make the most of them all whilst you can.

PS: Please someone tell me you’ve found something in your fridge or cupboard with an expiry date longer than 9 years – it will make me feel a lot better about my geriatric ginger!








5 thoughts on “Tempus fugit

  1. marylynhofmann

    Your blog made me laugh. I am not sure I can beat the ten year out of date, but I am sure in the past I have been pretty close, although I haven’t checked some of the things in my cupboard recently. You make me want to go through and have a clear out as well. Perhaps my New Years resolution, check the out of date items in the fridge/cupboard and freezer and throw them out. 😀

    1. Rosemary Bishop

      Sorry don’t think I can beat 9 years !! but loved the story well done, mine was baking powder, several years old at back of cupboard & completely solid ! RB X

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