My Christmas Wrapping Top Tip

Just over two weeks to Christmas and tackling tape is taking top priority……red tape

*Tracking down tape for wrapping presents.

*Seeking out scissors to remove tape on boxes that arrive through the post.

*Side-stepping tape altogether by ordering gifts on line, and having them delivered direct.

*Being faced with growing amounts of sometimes ridiculous red tape from local government over my dad’s nursing home placement and implications for my mum.

So here’s my pre-Christmas wrapping tip – when choosing tape, go for anything other than red, it’s the most trouble to cut through.

And the added bonus of receiving lovely large boxes in the post – just what I was looking for to make my festive costume for the Portsmouth Marathon in 10 days time. Thanks Belinda (and it was a great present too) X



One thought on “My Christmas Wrapping Top Tip

  1. Rosemary Bishop

    Very good don’t know how you think it all up, made me laugh, wish I could pass it on to the council !!! RB x


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