Jo’s Marathon Testathon

Festive fancy dress - on which course?

Festive fancy dress – on which course?

Yes it’s quiz time! To celebrate the start of 2015, bit of a change from the usual blog. Instead, a few multiple choice questions to test your grey matter on just how well you’ve been following my posts. And even prizes too 🙂

1. How many marathons am I up to now? A: Five and a half. B: 3,724. C: 46.

2. What does BRACE, the charity I’m raising money for, carry out research into? A: Alzheimer’s and other dementias. B: The optimum time of dunking a gingerbread biscuit. C: Exercise and nutrition, with BRACE standing for Better Running After Chocolate Eating.

3. BRACE is based in…..? A: Timbuktu. B: Narnia. C: Bristol.

4. Pair up these words of encouragement from spectators with the right marathon.  1. Fair play to yah, fair play. 2. You’m doing well me ‘ansom, keep it up now. 3. Go Xmas present! A: Eden Project, Cornwall. B: Portsmouth. C: Dublin.

5. My favourite marathon fuel is? A: Lettuce. B: Cake, and lots of it. C: Tripe and onions.

6. What alcoholic drink is served along the route of the Marathon du Medoc in France? A: Whisky. B: Cider. C: Red wine.

7. I am a member of which fabulous running club? A: Sidmouth. B: New York Road Runners. C: The 100 Marathon Club.

8. In 2014 I did an ultra-marathon, over two days along which wall? A: The Great Wall of China. B: Hadrian’s Wall. C: Exeter City Wall.

9. The marathon distance is….? A: 2.62 miles. B: 26.2 miles. C: 262 miles.

10. Complete this sentence in as many words as you like. The thought of running a marathon is…….

I’m taking a break from the blog for a couple of weeks, so plenty of time to complete. You can reply direct below, facebook message or email me. And I promise there WILL be prizes.

Essentially all a bit of fun and free to enter, but if you would like to donate a couple of pounds here’s the link to my Justgiving page where I’ve just lodged the terrific amount of £400 :-), taking my fundraising total to £3,300. What a good start to 2015.

Happy New Year. Thanks, as always, for reading and for all the continued support from so many people close to home and far and wide.



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