Writer’s block or…..

…..have I hit the wall?

I’ve been pondering for two weeks now what to write on this blog.

And I’m finding it hard to string a sentence together, let alone a whole article.

I certainly know what it’s like to hit the wall in running. In my first ever marathon, London 2005, I was so tired at mile 20 that I collapsed to sit on a wall, wanting the ground to swallow me up. It was only the encouragement of spectators that got me back on my feet and kept me going.

As far as my running challenge is going – I’m now up to 46 marathons, with 4 remaining to reach the big five O in May. Over the last three years it’s worked out around one a month. So I guess overall I’m beginning to feel a bit like that mile 20 a decade ago – rather tired and looking forward to the end, but with it not quite yet fully in sight.

The blog is at a similar stage. I started it in June 2013, when I was then at the marathon halfway point. I’ve pretty consistently written something most weeks, and am coming up to my 80th post. Not sure how many words that mounts up to, but certainly, too many!

I decided to start the blog as a way of raising awareness about my running challenge, dementia research and the charity BRACE which I’m raising money for, and also mental health issues which were forefront in my mind at the time, and never far away.

I thought if anything I wrote helped even one other person, it would be worth it.

I just checked my site statistics – 5,700 viewings, across 70 different countries – and I know from the replies people have posted, and social media that some things have touched a chord.

So – and I’m basically writing this to myself, to say – it’s about time I hauled my arse off this particular wall, and got back in the “race”, because I haven’t made it to the finish line yet and I’ve come too far to pack it all in now.

After all, it’s just another step, another tap of the keyboard, another press publish and you’re there……

Oh, and if you’ve read this far, then you’ll be part of the “spectators’ crowd” that’s helped keep me going. So, THANK YOU 🙂



2 thoughts on “Writer’s block or…..

  1. Rosemary Bishop

    With your determination it would bug you more not to finish what you started, we all feel like this at this time of the year, so go go go we are all behind you.RB X


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