Three things…..

A busy week ahead, so a quick blog with three things to say (well four, sort of!)………

*Running: I completed marathon 47 yesterday, near Fordingbridge, in the New Forest. It’s a tough off road, hilly, challenging course. It was initially frosty and cold, then driving rain, windy and cold. I arrived back at the car exhausted, chilled to the core, wet through and miserable. A hasty change of clothes, egg sandwich, flask of coffee, heater on full blast, and an hour later, hey presto, dry, warm, fed and smiling again.

*Dementia: This Friday I’m attending an Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Champion training course, to help spread awareness of this life-changing condition. I’ll also be going to a meeting next Monday to join in with the launch of the first BRACE Devon support group. It’s open to anyone with an interest in dementia and you can read more about it here

Me in baseball cap on the right, with Steve, his family and supporters at the Butser Hill Run in September 2011.

Me in baseball cap on the right, with Steve, his family and supporters at the Butser Hill Run in September 2011.

*Motor Neurone Disease: My cousin Steve Isaac, who has Motor Neurone Disease, is to be the subject of a Channel 5 documentary, largely filmed by his son Fraser. It gives a unique personal insight as to how this devastating illness has affected Steve and his family. It’s due to be aired in early March, read more and watch the moving trailer via this link


So that’s my three things, plus one final sum up…..

I have three marathons left now to complete my 50 at 50 Marathon Challenge. I know they’ll be tough, a marathon is. But I know as well, I’ll be able to smile again afterwards and resume normal life. My dad and people who suffer from dementia, my cousin Steve and those who suffer from MND, indeed anyone with a chronic life-threatening condition does not have that post finish line recovery to look forward to and enjoy.

Anything we can all do to raise awareness about these conditions, and help promote the research into seeking a cure is a help. Running a marathon, or simply clicking a facebook like from the comfort of your armchair. Any. Thing. Is a help.

Thanks for reading this.


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