A bear of very little brain…..

I’ve been sitting here for the last hour or more trying to add a couple of permanent web links to this blog.

I’ve tried every possible combination I can think of in the site admin pages, to no avail.

Huw Bishop (that’s my IT proficient nephew) I need your help!!

You see when it comes to technology, like Winnie the Pooh, I really am a bear of very little brain.

I felt like that last evening as well when I was at the Exeter University research laboratory where BRACE funded lecturer Dr Katie Lunnon was demonstrating some of her incredible cutting-edge work.

WOW! Talk about mind-blowing. Science was my worst subject at school. So the array of whirring machines and the depth of analysis and detail that Katie so eloquently described mostly went over my head. It was rather like the whoosh of a jumbo jet if you were standing underneath – I just couldn’t take it all in, but at the same time, I was aware of something huge, powerful and exciting taking off before me.

Katie was talking at the first get together of what’s hoped will lead to the setting up of a Devon support group for BRACE – something that everyone at the meeting was very enthusiastic about, and all passionate in their own way to do as much as they can to fight dementia.

I’ve just added another string to my bow on that front, having completed the Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Champion training course, which is about raising awareness in a targeted way, encouraging more people to become Dementia Friends and commit to something they can also do to help.

Already one million people have signed up, which is fantastic, and shows how each of us – even in a small way – by working together can help achieve real change.

Last week I also wrote about my cousin Steve Isaac and the documentary Filming My Father in Life and Death. After being posted on social media, the trailer had 30,000 views within two days – incredible. The film will be shown 11th March on Channel 5 in the UK and released internationally via BBC Worldwide.

Here are some links in short form to the topics above……….




……hopefully with a bit of technical help, by next week I’ll have the full links and images permanently attached to the page.

In the meantime, this bear of very little brain, but usefully strong legs is off to do something it can tackle more easily, like – go for a training run!


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