Springing into action

I’ve gone from zizz to bizz….or in other words, from having a rest, to having lots on.

As far as writing goes, I contributed what’s the lead article in the latest BRACE newsletter. You can see it online here…….


I’ve just published online the information needed to enter this year’s Otter Rail and River 10km and fun run, which I organise on behalf of  Tipton St John Playing Field Association. You can read more via the links on our website here – http://www.tiptonpfa.wordpress.com

I’ve written a couple of articles for the village newsletter the Tipton Times, which is out this week.

20150330_16520320150330_164602I’m in the process of redesigning and improving the garden – as you can see from the pictures not before time.

And I’m redecorating the lounge as we just had a replacement window fitted.

I was helping to marshal at a race yesterday, so hardly anytime to run much myself recently, but I reckon if I shoot off quickly now I can  get a couple of miles in.

Must be back soon as I’m off to see Still Alice, the Oscar-winning film starring Julianne Moore about dementia.

Spring is definitely in the air.


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