Easter Memories

It was an Easter weekend many years ago – when I was aged around nine or ten – that I first went off on a camping and walking expedition with my dad on our own.

We wild camped on Dartmoor, near Princetown, in a two-person, single layer small green tent. I remember how excited I was to be staying out on the moor overnight. I remember how cold it was, temperatures below freezing overnight, a bucket of water left outside forming a layer of ice on the top.

I remember lying in my sleeping bag the next morning, playing noughts and crosses with dad in the dew on the side of the tent.

I remember being tired, walking 25 miles or so in two days – and dad’s advice to put my foot where his had been, literally following his footsteps, and that way we’d keep pace together.

I remember the adventure of it all like it was yesterday, that Easter weekend of 40 plus years ago.

As I remember, like it was yesterday, Easter last year – visiting dad in his care home on the Saturday, giving him an Easter egg and a banana, waving goodbye, not realizing it would be the last time I’d ever see him, not knowing that he would die from a heart attack less than 24 hours later.

I can’t believe that was 12 months ago, that dad has been gone all this time, as life goes on, moves on.

I’ll miss you tomorrow dad, as I do every day. Though you may be gone I still have my memories…so many happy memories.

Supporting BRACE dementia research – so we can all keep remembering.


One of our last walk’s together – Tipton Following Footsteps Memory Walk September 2014 – with my nephew Huw and my brother Jules.



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