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All eyes on TV broadcast

I sat down last Friday afternoon to watch the broadcast of an historic event, a public spectacle worthy of live TV coverage.

And what a delight it was. What a joy.

I was watching in a packed café, where all eyes were on this special TV broadcast. People gathered together to witness this moment in time.

Respect and pleasure glowed on the faces of the watching crowd as the service took place. Such warm support.

The significance of the event clearly meriting to the broadcasters and rapt attentive audience, that it deserved live coverage beamed into every home.

For this was the ceremony of Sant Sebastia, the Patron Saint of Palma, the capital of Mallorca.

The television station was the Balearic’s IB3 channel, which reflects that culture and tradition are hugely important here, by providing coverage of local festivals and fiestas at length – sometimes throughout the entire day.

I was sat in a café, Can Moixet, in Pollensa, in the North East of the Island. The service taking place was in the church opposite.

The focal point of the ceremony is two men dressed as dancing horses – choreographed without artifice, without pomp, simply a natural fresh innocence. Heart-warming and charming to behold.

Somewhere on other channels there was another live broadcast taking place with two prancing men at its centre.

It made a 30 second sound bite on the news round-up. But nobody paid it much attention.

IB3 TV – a triumph of local news reporting. Fantastic!