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A Turtle-Tastic Day

It’s a Turtle-tastic day for this blog, which I began almost 3 years ago.

In that time I’ve written about marathon running, dementia, mental health and a lot more besides.

MCS logo hi resToday, on World Turtle Day, I’m thrilled to write that my children’s story book, Tuamor the Turtle, is to be an official charity partner to the UK’s leading marine charity, the Marine Conservation Society.


It’s been an incredible journey from first writing a much shortened version of the story for a primary class environmental project, to deciding to commission illustrations and publish, which was completed only six months ago.

Now I’m about to order a second print run of the book, there’s a fabulous video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJVej9A852Q, created by the book’s illustrator Mark Hannon, and the website has been brilliantly redesigned at http://www.tuamortheturtle.com by Laura Joint.

Best of all, in the last six months I’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking to children at schools across Devon about this story and why Tuamor’s “love our world” message is so important. The enthusiasm, genuine concern and creative imagination they’ve shown to try and help raise awareness has been memorable, inspiring and gives me great hope for the future.

I’d say that’s pretty turtle-tastic!





Happy New Life

I had a moment just now when I brushed past a parallel me from a previous life.

Our village primary school grounds had been badly flooded, and the local media had turned out to report the story.

As I walked past in my woolly hat and muddy boots, with two even muddier dogs, I said a cheery hello to former colleagues, thinking in times gone by I would have been with them, the other side of the fence, interviewing the local councillor and rushing back to the office to edit the piece for the lunchtime news.

As I walked on up the hill, a reporter from the local BBC radio station I used to work for drove past. At the same time one of my neighbours was walking down the hill to help with the clean up. He called out: “Thanks for the book Jo,” my turtle story, I’d given his two boys for Christmas.

My past and present writing worlds meeting on the same page, within the same paragraph.

And I walked on without a trace of regret for what I have given up, to become who I am.

Logging in to my computer there was a message from a school asking if I would read my turtle story with them later this month, photos of me dressed as a Christmas parcel running in the recent Portsmouth Marathon, and queries to sort about community events I organise and the charity work I support.

In emails I sign myself as: Writer, runner, fundraiser.

It’s taken a while to feel that description fully fits, but yep, that’s who I am, that is my happy new life.

Happy New Year in whatever life you are living.

A final piece of news, Runner’s World are going to do a piece about my running and how it helps me cope with my OCD. Here’s that picture from Portsmouth, because, yes I am a bit mad as well…

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I’m an Author!

Jo Earlam with Tuamor booksThis feels a momentous day – one of those you want to run through the street, whooping and hollering.

So excited that my first book is officially published today, a children’s story “Tuamor the Turtle”.

I’ve had my words and by-line in print many times as a journalist.

But it doesn’t match the thrill of creating something from nothing and seeing it through to publication, a bookshop shelf, and the best bit of all, children reading and enjoying it.

Coincidentally, this is my 100th blog post and it happens to be six months to the day that I completed my 50th marathon, which was three days after my 50th birthday.

Having had a paid career for 25 years before deciding, in my mid 40s, to choose my own pathway in life, it’s rewarding to have achieved these things through self-belief and perseverance.

It’s been tough at times, and with my OCD – which is still a big issue for me – sometimes the doubts are overwhelming.

But this is where I am here and now – and it feels pretty good.

I wish my little turtle the best of luck. He’s been in my head for two years, now he’s out there in the ocean – I’m hoping he’s a good swimmer.

You can find out more about him on his website http://www.tuamortheturtle.com and also follow him on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/tuamortheturtle

Thanks for reading my blog and to everyone who’s helped me to believe in myself.